We are a full-service production agency that can assist you with every aspect of video production. Here are some of the services we offer.


There is a ton of video content out there. A video strategy serves as our guide as we decide what video to make and for who.

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Story Search

Sometimes the hardest part of telling a good story is finding the right one. We can assist with all aspects of story research and concept development.

Character Research

Even though we are developing documentary-style videos, character is still a vital part of getting your audience to engage. We can assist in identifying the best characters.


We create scripts and storyboards (optional) to help ensure everyone is on the same page with what we are creating. This allows us to make creative decisions ahead of time instead of on the day of the shoot or while we are editing.

Scheduling & Shoot Planning

Once our creative is complete we will put our producers to work to make sure that the project is professionally organized. Whether we are shooting in our backyard in NYC or on the other side of the globe we will ensure the myriad details are handled.

Pre-Interview Calls

We like to speak with all video subjects before the shoot. This helps us break the ice and put the person at ease. It also help sus to get an idea of their communication style and get to know them better.


We utilize the latest camera and lighting equipment as well as the best crews in the business. No matter what piece of equipment we need or what level of expertise is needed, we take pride in delivering modern, crisp, cinematic visuals.

Editing & Post-Production

After the shoot we take the footage back to the studio to get to work on post-production. This includes editing, interview transcription, color grading, sound mixing and any necessary motion graphics or animations. We use a client portal to help us manage revisions, feedback and download files.

Activation & Promotion

For video to succeed it is imperative to have a comprehensive promotional plan in place. This includes maximizing owned, paid and earned media, choosing the right channels, creating channel-specific edits, measuring and monitoring the results and making adjustments as needed.

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