We believe a thoughtful and collaborative process is absolutely essential to creating videos that impact your audience as well as your bottom-line. Over the course of almost a decade and hundreds of videos shot all over the world we have developed a specific process that helps us consistently deliver exceptional work.

Introduction & Discovery Call

This pre-sales call will allow us to get a better understanding of your target audience, current market conditions, current video platforms and distributions and most important— business objectives. This call typically lasts 10-20 minutes.

Proposal & Creative Brief

Based on our discovery call, we will provide you with a proposal and video brief. This proposal will include our understanding of your messaging and style with specific ideas for bringing your concept to life. It will also include a line-item budget.

Kickoff Call

After the proposal is accepted we will schedule another call to do a deeper dive and get feedback on the suggestions of the proposal. This is usually done with all stakeholders so that we can understand the perspectives of all who will have a final say on the video content.

Scripts & Storyboards

Once we finalize messaging and concept we will create scripts and storyboards (optional) to help ensure everyone is on the same page with what we are creating. This allows us to make creative decisions ahead of time instead of on the day of the shoot or while we are editing.

Production Planning

We will create a production plan outlining all of the steps ahead in developing your video content.


Lights, camera, action. Our highly skilled crews will use the latest technology to produce your video content.


After the shoot we will begin the process of sorting and backing up footage, creating transcriptions, editing, color grading and encoding.

Video Launch*

Once the final video files are ready we can assist with the campaign launch across all channels.

Analytics & Learning*

Once launched we can continue to work with you to analyze key statistics and see where we can improve the performance of your content. This might include channel specific edits, A/B testing and planning for future content.

*Optional Services

We would love to learn more about your project.

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