Our goal is to create video content that can steadily build an audience and nurture the relationship over time. That is why we are advocates of producing multiple pieces of video content within the Help/Hub/Hero Video Framework. This is a video marketing methodology pioneered by Google to describe 3 types of content that should be part of a successful video strategy. In addition to the type of content, we can assist with a content editorial calendar, channel selection and channel specific edits, audience personas and messaging hierarchy.


Raise Awareness

This is your big “tent-pole” video designed to grab attention. This is your flagship film and probably the video you first started thinking about. It may be centered around a major brand event or campaign. You only make one or two of these a year. Your Hero video leverages the craft of storytelling to produce an emotional impact that drives your audience to action. It typically has a relatively high production value and can reach the broadest audience.


Build Engagement

Hub content is episodic, regularly, scheduled content. It focuses on showing where your brand’s value proposition overlaps with your audiences passion points. The production value is not quite as high as your Hero content and usually has a simple but consistent formatted style. It can be a short Q&A with key stakeholders and/or clients, behind the scenes content, documentary-style entertainment, case studies, etc. The purpose is to keep your audience coming back for more.


Drive Conversion

Help content answers the questions your audience has that are related to your product, service or market. These are simply-produced videos that become a resource for audiences searching for answers. They establish your brand as a trusted resource while keeping the sales pitch to a minimum. They allow your target market to find you organically. They can be how-to videos, FAQs, product demos, explainer videos, tutorials, etc.

Benefits of Help/Hub/Hero:
    • Allows you to get the most out of your budget. Since we already have the equipment and crew to shoot the Hero video we can very economically film multiple Hub and Help videos.
    • Gives you content to use throughout the year, not just during your big campaign.
    • Each type of video supports the other resulting in a more loyal and engaged audience.
    • Gives you a clear framework to add content over time while remaining consistent.
    • Deepens your brand’s authenticity as you are doing more than simply advertising.

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