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Our Origin Story

As told by Honest Motion Founder & Creative Director, Kyle Doyle.

Lance Russell of Legacy Farms. Taken by Kyle Doyle from the precarious ledge of a moving tractor.

I think it first happened in Kansas. It was April, 2011 and I was holding on for dear life. I was a passenger on a giant tractor that bounced through endless rows of mounded prairie dirt at a speed that seemed gratuitous. We were probably only going 20-25 MPH, but on this terrain we might as well have been on a rocket to the moon.

The giant tractor had only a small cockpit for the driver, but I was trying to tell the story of this farmer and so I insisted that we get footage of him in his natural habitat. And so as we moved violently through his last field of the day, I clung to an unforgiving 2’x2’ steel platform, one hand holding on for dear life and the other trying to hold my camera.

I had started in video production 12-months earlier, somewhat on accident. I was a marketing consultant and had also been writing a monthly article on marketing in a trade publication. I had told the publisher they needed more video content but they didn’t see the value yet. So I decided to give it a try myself. I had made a ton of videos as a kid and an excuse to go creating something visual again excited me. And so I hired a videographer and came up with some video concepts and produced and hosted a series of videos. They were pretty creative and pretty lame. Honestly, for the time they were fine, but I wanted to get better. Later that year the Canon 5dmii came out and launched the DSLR revolution. The first time I looked at the LCD screen I was hooked. It looked like film. I bought a camera and starting to learn every aspect of production. This wasn’t the world of lame VHS corporate video. This was different. I was a kid again.

The first year I watched videos and studied. I practiced and failed. I knew my work was average but I just wanted to get better. I wanted to focus on storytelling and so I came up with a concept to take several small business owners on a road trip across the country to visit other small business owners. To find “ideas and inspiration”.

That farm was one of the stops along the way and how I found myself on the side of that tractor. After a few minutes of filming, I was confident I had a few usable shots and decided the safest bet was to focus on not falling off. I turned the camera off and just held on. As the sun was dropping low in the sky it passed through the dust clouds we had been creating. In the distance a row of telephone poles dotted a 2-lane road. Farmland everywhere else. It was beautiful. All I could think was, “how did I get here?” I am a kid from the NYC suburbs and I am watching the sunset on a Kansas field while bouncing along on the side of a tractor. And the reason I was there was the camera that was in my right hand.

Since then, cameras have allowed me to see more interesting places and meet some amazing people. I have traveled to many countries and interviewed hundreds of people. I have been able to work with talented people who make the work infinitely better than if I were on my own. And I still get that feeling. I still find myself in unique places asking myself, “how did I get here?” It is without a doubt my favorite part of this job— meeting new people, seeing new places and having the privilege of telling a story. I never wanted to make traditional corporate videos. I wanted to tell stories that moved people. That engaged people. Later I found out that there was a market for exactly that in marketing videos. And so Honest Motion was started to create authentic, documentary-style marketing videos using the powerful craft of storytelling. I hope we get an opportunity to help tell your story.


Ok, we know you want to watch that video 😉 It’s an oldie but a goodie. Finding Main Street, Episode 4: Legacy Farms.

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