Perhaps no other type of industry is more well-suited for storytelling than non-profit. The objectives are heartfelt and powerful. The characters are sincere and inspiring. Yet getting the attention of audiences has never been more difficult. There are many non-profits vying for attention and people cannot give to all of them no matter how much they would like to. A well-told story can be the difference.

It can be overwhelming for a non-profit to get their message out. Often you are so intimately familiar with the group you are helping that it would seem impossible for others not to see the same value in the service you are providing and the lives you are impacting. However, the reality is that no cause is blessed with automatic, long-term attention. It takes good storytelling to cut through the noise and to create and sustain engagement.

Even if there are amazing stories within your non-profit, those stories still have to be told in a way that audiences won’t forget.

Considerations For a Non-Profit Video

Start with an objective

It can be tempting to create a generic video that you can use throughout all of your marketing. However, it is critical to focus on an objective before settling on a video strategy.

For example, are you trying to increase donations? Is it from small individual donors or institutional donors? Do you want to explain your origin story? What do you want to accomplish? Do you have an amazing story of impact? What do you want people to do when they finish watching? By focusing on an objective you can be very specific about how to structure the video.

Create edits with different lengths

Instead of creating one video, think about how people will be watching and how long they will be willing to watch. For example, you might have a great story of an individual or family you have helped. Instead of creating one edit, there can be one long and one short. The short version can be used for social media. This can be a short version or a trailer version. Once users visit your website they can watch a longer version. Once on your website they are likely to be more interested and more engaged with your cause.


The Good Shepherd Fund

The Good Shepherd Fund manages special needs trusts. We worked with them to tell the story of a new initiative to take members on a trip of a lifetime. We also weaved in stories of members in California. The final long-form story (10min) was used to expand their roster of institutional donors.

Types of Video For Non-Profit Audiences:

Client Success Stories/
Case Studies

The majority of videos we make are client success stories and case studies. That is because more and more brands are realizing the power of telling authentic client stories as a way to drive home their marketing claims.

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Company Overview

Customers want to know more than just what you offer. They want to know what makes you tick and what makes you unique. Company overview videos highlight the values and aspirations you share with your audience.

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Events are a major investment for brands. Leverage that investment by doing more than offering a stale montage event video. That means finding storylines surrounding your event that will take your audience on a journey, with your event as the backdrop.

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