We created this in-depth guide because we strongly believe that client success story videos (or case study videos) are an incredible tool to have in your content marketing toolbox. Learn more about this powerful type of corporate video and how it can help you grab and hold your audiences attention while moving them to action.

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The Power of Story and Why Case Study Videos Work

More and more marketers are beginning to understand the power of storytelling. And a client success story or case study is one of the most powerful types of stories a marketer can tell. Discover 3 powerful reasons storytelling works.

Challenges & Approach to Case Study Video Production

Producing case study videos can be tricky. Learn about the importance of Finding The Right Hero and Going Beyond The Testimonial.

The 6 Elements of a Good Client Success Story

For something to be truly considered a story, it needs to be built on the framework of a traditional story arc.  One of the keys to the craft of storytelling is understanding this framework. By using that as our roadmap we can find ways to develop any subject matter into a story that will engage an audience. Read about the 6 elements of a good client success story: Opening, Conflict, First Step, Journey, Resolution and Reflection.

Generating Loads of Content Marketing Assets From 1 Video Project

Beyond the effectiveness of the medium itself, case studies have the ability to generate a bevy of assets that can be used in your content marketingOf course, we don’t want to find answers to these questions after the shoot. We want to strategize and plan the creation of these assets before the shoot and take full advantage of the investment. We will take you through a real life example.

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