Global Case Studies

Dimension Data is an 8 billion USD global leader in IT. Headquartered in Johannesburg with offices around the world, they have over 28,000 employees across 47 countries on 5 continents. The challenge they faced is finding a way to show how they enable clients to leverage data in a digital age. Data is invisible and showing backrooms with servers and IT gear can only go so far.

The solution was to show more than just network and data integration hardware. Honest Motion works with Dimension Data on an ongoing basis to showcase the outcomes their clients are achieving.  We have traveled throughout North and South America to tell these stories- From a school district in New Jersey to a brain surgery device company in Toronto to the largest radio telescope array in the world in a desert in Chile.

What’s Next?

ALMA Observatory, San Pedro De Atacama, Chile

Westside School District, Lancaster California

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