Consumers have more choices than ever before. In addition, there is more marketing noise in today’s culture than ever before. That is why telling an authentic story is so critical. Consumers want more than a product or service. They want a company that shares their values and aspirations.

Storytelling is an age-old form of communication that draws the audience in and engages them to empathize with a character and join him or her on a journey. It is so powerful because it allows the viewer to draw a conclusion without being explicitly told what that conclusion should be. That is why brands are doing more storytelling than ever before.

Considerations For a B2C Video

Choosing a persona and a corresponding character

Too often marketers start discussing the first video idea they have. Usually, a genre or concept that has been used many times. However, we have found that effective videos begin with a thoughtful and craft-driven approach. Story begins with a character and so any process should start there. This should be someone we can relate to, empathize with and root for. From fairytales to Hollywood blockbusters the rule is the same- give us a good character and we will pay attention. In marketing, this means starting with a crystal clear view of who the target audience is. Ideally, you will have already created a persona that describes the audience you are trying to reach. The more specific the better.

With a clear view of the audience in mind we can then begin to discuss characters that might work well. This could be customers in the case of a client success story or case study. It could be an executive or team member for a company overview video. Or it could be either for a beyond-the-event video. But the objective should be to find a character to take us on a journey and to share a message, before deciding on the exact type of video that should be made.

Select social media channels and distribution before you start

Too often distribution gets discussed after the video is already made. Clients often think of video as a single thing that gets sent out into the world through various channels. However, that ignores the fact that each channel has a unique user experience. Ideally each channel should have its own version of the video tailored to that particular channel. For example, a video that is being watched on your home page should be a different edit than the one being used in your YouTube channel. This is because a user on your website has already established a level of interest in your company and is looking to find out more. However a user who stumbles upon your video on YouTube while viewing a similar topic does not have that same level of engagement with your brand. Therefore the edit has to grab their attention immediately.

A similar example would be that the video you add to your Facebook feed should be different than the one you are using for a Facebook Ad. That is because again, the follower in your feed already has established a certain level of engagement whereas the viewer of the Ad has not.

Another example would be that in channels like Facebook and Instagram, the volume is often muted by default and therefore thought has to be put into adding subtitles or editing it in a way where the point is made without needing voiceover or interview audio.

Often clients think that this will significantly increase the cost since instead of making one video you have to make multiple. However, in reality it only adds a small percentage to the overall budget since the various versions do not require starting from scratch. Especially if the versions have been built into the script, production and post-production planning.

Types of Video For B2C Audiences:

Client Success Stories/
Case Studies

The majority of videos we make are client success stories and case studies. That is because more and more brands are realizing the power of telling authentic client stories as a way to drive home their marketing claims.

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Company Overview

Customers want to know more than just what you offer. They want to know what makes you tick and what makes you unique. Company overview videos highlight the values and aspirations you share with your audience.

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Events are a major investment for brands. Leverage that investment by doing more than offering a stale montage event video. That means finding storylines surrounding your event that will take your audience on a journey, with your event as the backdrop.

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