Company overview videos highlight the unique personality of your company and brand. It is an authentic way to show your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your company and what drives you. By meeting real people in real places it makes you more than an abstract corporation and communicates your shared values and unique value proposition.


For many companies, marketing tends to lean on statistics and facts— product and service superlatives, industry awards, years in business, etc. However, at our core we are all emotional creatures. We are looking for personality, connection and shared values. Of course your value proposition matters and you have to be able to back it up, but if it were that simple a bullet list on your homepage would be enough.

Company overview videos allow your audience to see you as a group of real people who go to work every day to try and accomplish something that is important to you. When done correctly, these videos allow you to speak directly to your target audience in a way that is authentic and engaging.

Challenges & Approach

However, the challenge is that in today’s world, audiences expect more than just a few executive interviews and b-roll. It needs to be creative, modern and hold the audience’s attention. That means relying on the craft of storytelling to take them on a journey as they get to know you and your brand.

Elements of Story in a Company Overview Video

  • Characters: Often, companies immediately assume the key interviews must be with the CEO and other executives. While they should be involved there are often others within your organization that might do a better job of relating to an audience. We work to cast a wide net in evaluating who might work best in your video in addition to the traditional executives.
  • Conflict/Drama: The element that moves all story forward and keeps our eyes glued to the screen is conflict and drama. What is at stake? How is this going to end? Will the hero get his desire? With a company overview video, we work to see where we can highlight that conflict and drama. How did the company start? Was it easy? What obstacles had to be overcome? Were there moments in your company’s history that you look back on as defining moments?
  • Plot: The structure of the video is key to hold the attention of an audience. We work to find a way to create some type of narrative that we can weave into the video. This is what allows us to go beyond boring talking heads and b-roll.
  • A Victory: In the end, the audience is rooting for the hero and wants to see how they overcame the challenges to reach their objective. This is when we make the key connection for the audience that your product or service was integral to that victory. In a company overview video we want to show how you empathized with the challenges of your customers and succeeded in offering a solution. We also highlight how this journey is only just beginning and the future is bright.
  • Visual Interest: What makes video so powerful is that it is moving at 24 frames per second and every cut moves our eye to a new place. In addition, audiences have come to expect a fairly high level of production value, even from marketing videos. Therefore, it is critical that we always work towards making the video as visual as possible. By using the latest cinematography equipment and always thinking with a cinematic vision we make sure that the audience is connected with both their minds and eyes. This can be especially challenging for service companies since there is no factory or fleet of trucks to show. Instead there is often only generic office spaces. In these cases we work with you to find ways to visually enhance the video by finding a way to move beyond the walls of the office.


Financial Services, New York City and London

Honest Motion worked with this financial services company to highlight the journey they have taken on their way to becoming a global technology leader.

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