What we mean by “Beyond-The-Event Videos” is a video that is more than a montage. It is storytelling based around the event. This better captures an audience’s attention and gives them a unique look into the making of an event, a backstage pass, or one person’s journey to the event.


A tremendous amount of time, energy and capital go into producing a corporate event. Therefore, many marketers see the value in creating a video, or a series of videos to leverage the impact of the event even after it is over. This allows you to reach customers that could not attend or those were not aware of it. It also allows you to reinforce the value to those who did attend.

Challenges & Approach

However, traditional montage event videos with upbeat music and stand-up interviews are stale and ineffective. Modern audiences are used to modern storytelling and have come to expect more if you want to hold their attention. That means finding storylines surrounding your event that will take them on a journey with your event as the backdrop. This allows for a much more human-centered approach where you can highlight shared values and aspirations.

Elements of Story in a Beyond The Event Video

  • Characters: We work to cast a wide net in evaluating who might work best in your video.
  • Conflict/Drama: The element that moves all story forward and keeps our eyes glued to the screen is conflict and drama. What is at stake? How is this going to end? Will the hero get his desire? With a Beyond-The-Event video, we work to see where we can highlight that conflict and drama. Why is this event important? Why does this individual need to attend? What is the big message that is bringing everyone together?
  • Plot: The structure of the video is key to hold the attention of an audience. We work to find a way to create some type of narrative that we can weave into the video. This is what allows us to go beyond boring talking heads and b-roll.
  • Takeaway: What is the moral of the story? What did the attendee take away and how will this make a difference in her life? Having a takeaway is key to highlighting the high level messaging.
  • Visual Interest: What makes video so powerful is that it is moving at 24 frames per second and every cut moves our eye to a new place. In addition, audiences have come to expect a fairly high level of production value, even from marketing videos. Therefore, it is critical that we always work towards making the video as visual as possible. By using the latest cinematography equipment and always thinking with a cinematic vision we make sure that the audience is connected with both their minds and eyes. This can be especially challenging in the chaos of live events where there are always a thousand moving pieces. Our experience has taught us that thorough pre-production planning ensures that we can capture the cinematic shots we need to tell the story.

Case In Point: Gaggenau Chef Stories

Founded in 1683 in the Black Forest in Germany, Gaggenau is part of the BSH family of kitchen appliance brands and is a world-leader in luxury kitchen appliances.

One of the ways Gaggenau communicates its brand is through experiential culinary events. Honest Motion worked with Gaggenau to tell the story of these events and the renowned chefs behind them. Essentially, these are pop-up restaurants serving high-end architects, designers and other professionals in the luxury kitchen market.

Our goal was to do more than just create event videos. We wanted to reveal some of the personality of the chef being featured and their aspirational approach to fine dining.

Chef Günter Seeger, Gray Barns Connecticut

Chef Daniel Humm, Downtown Los Angeles

Chef Justin Cogley, Scottsdale Arizona
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