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What we do

As video marketing continues to evolve, marketing managers are realizing that it is no longer enough to just produce a video. You must start with a solid video strategy (brains) and then based on that, craft stories to engage your audience and move them to action (heart).
At Honest Motion we do both.

How we do it

Since creating videos with brains and heart does not happen by accident, we have developed what we call The Honest Motion Method. It is our way of systematically approaching your project through the three key areas of video success: (1) audience insight, (2) telling a good story and (3) learning from what we create.

Understand Your

This is the vital process that yields insights into your audience that will inform how we make the hundreds of decisions that go into writing, shooting and editing a video. The information gathered in this phase will be put into a video brief that will serve as our roadmap moving forward.

In this phase we will address:

Company Story, Business Objectives for the video(s),  Target Audience/Personas, Sales Funnel Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Audience Conversations, Style Guide, Paid Media History, Social Media Analysis, Distribution Options, Analytic Options.

Tell a Good

Whether you are a B2C or B2B company, the power of storytelling in marketing is well-documented. Armed with a solid strategy we will begin writing scripts and storyboards. With a focus on the craft of storytelling we will find storylines and characters to bring the strategy to life. We will then align lights, camera and crew to create the highest possible production value and maximize your budget.

Launch And

Once complete we will assist with the launch and then review analytics, iterate, test and document lessons learned to create the basis for an ongoing video strategy.

Some Brands We’ve Worked With: