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What we do

We are not a generic video production company. At Honest Motion, we specialize in helping marketing managers find and tell real-life marketing stories using a modern, cinematic, documentary style. We believe that in a world filled with marketing noise, there is no more compelling tool than a well-told, real-life story about the success of your customers, the passion of your employees or the impact of your brand.


Types of Videos We Make

Client Success Stories/Case Studies

The majority of videos we make are client success stories and case studies. That is because more and more brands are realizing the power of telling authentic client stories as a way to drive home their marketing claims.

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Company Overview Videos

Customers want to know more than just what you offer. They want to know what makes you tick and what makes you unique. Company overview videos highlight the values and aspirations you share with your audience.

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Beyond-The-Event Videos

Events are a major investment for brands. Leverage that investment by doing more than offering a stale montage event video. That means finding storylines surrounding your event that will take your audience on a journey, with your event as the backdrop.

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We Speak To

B2B Storytelling

Marketers used to think B2B audiences were only interested in facts and statistics. Now we know better. Telling a good story to B2B audiences is just as important and valuable as B2C.

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B2C Storytelling

Consumers have more information than ever before when evaluating options. Telling a story helps you stand out.

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Non-Profit Storytelling

There are more non-profits than ever before. Reach the heart with a well-told story.

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